Keith & Janet

   Revival that brings change   

Since the beginning of Stand Firm World Ministries the Lord has commissioned Keith and Janet Miller, with a mandate to see Revival Fires burn across America and the Nations, bringing with them a mighty wave of salvation, signs, wonders, and miracles.

With each new year Keith and Janet Miller have sensed an deeper atmosphere of a fresh oil of revival fall upon Stand Firm World Ministries.  The time is now that the Lord is kindling revival fires across the nations ready to be ignited and burn a mighty blaze for the Glory of the Lord.

The Lord has burdened Keith, Janet, the SFWM team, and many partners and supporters to be an integral part of a fiery wave of believers contending for a mighty move of the Holy Spirit - for the power and might of the Lord to ignite and blaze through and across the state of Texas, and into the nation, and all through the Nations.

This isn't the first time the Lord has fanned this flame in Keith's heart. In 1996, the Holy Spirit used Keith to glorify Jesus in a breakout move of the Lord in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This outpouring touched hundreds of lives and created powerful aftershocks in the regions for six months afterward, as many lives were saved, were healed, and were delivered. God also powerfully moved in the lives of believers and loosed a fresh anointing and zeal for the kingdom.

Again in 1999, Keith saw the Lord move powerfully in Texas with multiple hundreds of people transformed and saved and healed, delivered and set free in meetings that continued every weekend for ten weeks.

The trail-blazing Holy Spirit moved powerfully through meetings also in Peoria, Illinois, in 2000, as Keith witnessed powerful moves of God there, and then in Fairfield Iowa. For months afterward, lives continued to be transform by the power of the Word and the unlimited, endless supply of the anointing.

Stand Firm World Ministries Event


One Banner, One Heart, One Accord

We've received a mandate from the Lord in 2001 to birth the Texas Ablaze Events.  We've joined our hearts with thousands of like-hearted believers from all over the world, to gather under one banner, one heart, and of one accord to see the mighty name of Jesus raise up a standard in the land, and in the nations.

Our last Texas Ablaze  hosted visitors from 181 cities, 32 states, and 3 nations! We gathered together expecting God for life-changing encounters that would also release the heart of the Lord and a mighty anointing to see the Body of Christ raise up in the fullness of Him. In the past four years, we've seen literally thousands of people attend Texas Ablaze events where we've equipped, trained, imparted, and activated the things of the Lord in them.

They've returned home, but under a powerful anointing to transform their own neighborhoods, cities, and regions!  

Harvest Gatherings

The launch the "Vision of Harvest Gatherings." These gatherings would train and equip believers from all over the world, through the Word and the Anointing, and then release them back into their home cities and regions, for a greater release of He who reigns through their lives. So our daytimes are times of training, and the evening meetings are Revival Glory to see many born again, healed, and delivered!

This model of daytime mighty gatherings and evening meetings is one we have followed and fine-tuned in the years since, not only for our events, but also in our church-to-church meetings. We have conduct two to three-day events geared toward daytime teaching and nighttime harvest with powerful results! We have gathered the mighty ones in the daytime to be strengthened more and more in the Lord, and then release them into the evening meetings for a harvest breakout at night.

Fresh Financial Abundance

He will release abundance to every one of His people who cry out to be the one He uses for the harvest. Liken this abundance to a pitcher full of water. Pour the water from the pitcher into your open hand. As the water fills it, it flows over your hand and through your fingers as it overflows! No matter what you do, your hand won't be able to contain the abundance. This river of blessing will be constant and will flow out of your hands and into the hearts and hands of many around you! Expect financial blessings from the Lord.

Would you like to invite Keith to minister with you and contented for a revival fire to be set ablaze in your Church, or Ministry Group?

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