Keith & Janet

Keith Miller of Stand Firm World Ministries is a fiery man of God who moves powerfully in the prophetic, miracles, signs, wonders, and healings. Flowing with revelation and anointing, he releases the presence of the Holy Spirit and sparks revival fires everywhere he goes.

Keith's teaching is anointed and rock solid, imparting revelation and an unshakeable trust in the truth of God's promises. The words he preaches, the scriptures he unpacks, and the strongholds he pulls down, release those who sit under his ministry to new levels of boldness, faith, and the ability to stand firmly on the promises of God.

Holy Spirit downloads are as common in Keith's meetings as healings and miracles. The words of knowledge he moves in create an atmosphere of faith in believers that allows God to increase in their lives, homes, families, neighborhoods and regions. Through Keith's ministry, the Lord has empowered thousands of Christians throughout the US and abroad to embark to new levels of destiny and see breakthrough for breakout in every area of their lives.

Keith's Texas Ablaze meetings have loosed the revival fires of God throughout the Lonestar state, the Southwest, and Mexico. The Lord continues to release strategies and insights to Keith and his wife Janet that bear great fruit in believers' lives and bring glory to the name of our God Jesus Christ.