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Eyes to See The Solutions of Tomorrow

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Eyes to See The Solutions of Tomorrow By Keith Miller

YOU Can Be Empowered By The Holy Spirit to have eyes to seeThe Lord Wants to touch your eyes and give you greater capacity to see.He desires to give you eyes to see what He sees and what you need to see. Not just for greater clarity of future events, but to show you what He has destined for you.Embark on a journey with the Lord as He gives you the ability to see, you will be able to decree and come into agreement with Him, which will cause things around you to come into divine order. 

Through this window, what you see you will believe. What you believe, because of conviction and faith you will live by. The temporal around you will not set boundaries through circumstances or lack, but you will know what the Lord has appointed for you. This will cause you to operate out of His strength because of His counsel for you. Who can stop or withhold those things your Father has for you. What do you see?”