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THRIVE by Keith Miller

How to thrive and see increase 8 CD Set

You are created to Thrive in the Presence of the Lord.  

In the realm of His majestic glory, so much takes place as deep calls to deep and His heart woos our hearts. In God’s majestic presence we find the fullness of joy and abundant satisfaction. This leads us into deeper adoration, which enables us to experience a greater depth of His love. In such moments, the Spirit of the Lord gives an incredible ability to us—to believe with confidence and trust and to grab ahold of what we need by faith. In those moments in the Glory, so much happens as our Father moves upon all who are present.

The Lord’s design for your life is to live flourishing, fulfilling, joy-filled lives in Christ. This event is for every person who wants to know Father God more deeply and follow Him More Closely.