Keith & Janet


Hello, and Abundant Blessings to you!

 The Holy Spirit’s Wisdom and Might will empower you to advance in a mighty way..  Wisdom and Might together are two of the seven functional (“seven-fold” - Is 11:2) anointing’s of the Rivers (John 7:38) of the Holy Spirit that are flowing for you in a mighty way! Therefore, we must have Revelation Knowledge and be aware of and attentive to the Seven-Fold flow of the Holy Spirit in this pivotal time.

 This is also a time for greater depths of understanding for us in the Word. You can  draw deeply from the Waters of the Well of the Word. (Isaiah 12:3) As the Lord is stirring a deep love for the revelation of the depths of the Word, this love that results in revelation will kindle a fresh spiritual momentune breakouts in the next few years.

 Many times, we put the emphasis of revival on the refreshing work of the Holy Spirit, but, at the same time that He is refreshing, renewing, and replenishing, He is also revealing and illuminating. He opens our understanding of the scripture and reveals the deep depths of the knowledge of the Lord through the revelation of the Word. As people are postured to receive from the Holy Spirit in this season of outpouring, they will also increase in their understanding of the Word.

 This growth will position them to grow mighty in the Lord and in His power.

 It is important to note that Revelation and Revival are now together. In a strong prophetic encounter last year in Philadelphia, PA, I saw how the Lord is releasing Revelation and Revival together. Therefore, I have been going strong after the Word, but at the same time I have also noticed a strengthening of and an increase in the flow of the Anointing. 

 I feel that this momentum is now about to catch the head winds of the breakthrough of the waters of the deep (that is, of the Word). As we move into this time, this is a time for thirsting for the waters of the deep, for the living water that elevates us to perceive and to flow with the Winds of change that come from the movement of the activity of the Throne.

 Even now, there are key assignments being given to Angelic hosts for movement to bring about this advancement of divine destiny. (Psalm 130:20)

 We see something powerful in 2 Samuel 5:1-25 - we see where the Lord brought breakthrough for David at Baal Perazim. The name means “place where the water broke through the enemy.” The Lord is the master of the Breakthrough. These verses describe how the enemy once again comes against David, but now in this case the Lord tells him not to do what he is accustomed to do in battle, that is, to mount a frontal attack, but instead to go in behind them around the mulberry trees. In other words, he tells David exactly what he should do to successfully defeat the enemy. He also tells him when to do it (“Advance when you hear the sound of marching in the tops of the mulberry trees”). And, finally, he tells him how to do it (“Then you shall advance quickly”).

 When the Lord breaks through, it creates an atmosphere of an ability to hear and an ability to see that brings movement for advancement.

 This is the reason why He is bringing a thirst for the deeper waters of the Word, that the Power of the Word in communion with the Spirit of the Lord would bring breakthrough for kingdom activity, so that God through you will bring freedom to those that the enemy is withholding from the abundant life that God desires for them. 

 When the Lord “breakthroughs” for you, He removes every hindrance and every obstacle in the path of life that He has prepared for you. When the Lord breaks through with a Sound (the Thunder of His Voice), you will move with Him in wisdom by His might to quickly advance.

 This ability is being given to many believers to co-labor with the Lord of the Breakthrough, to move with Him with the Breaker Anointing. When this anointing flows, there will always be, first and foremost, a stirring deep within the hearts of the hearers that creates a burning heart of passion for the Lord, but with that stirring and burning He will also give illumination for greater understanding to the hearts of those hearers - the Word creates the burning, but it also always brings illumination for even greater understanding of the scriptures.

 A few days ago, the Father told me, “I am quickening and stirring the hearts of many.” Immediately, He gave me several key passages to look at.

 This “stirring” can be found many times in scripture; one of my favorite places is in Haggai 1:14, where we read that He stirs up the hearts of the King/Priest and of the remnant.

 The Hebrew word for the “stirring” referred to here means “awaken within, to incite. to arouse to action, to open one's eyes...”

 But, the Lord didn’t just tell me about a stirring, He said that there is also a quickening that God is doing in these days. One of the key passages that the Lord showed me to illustrate this quickening is found in Isaiah 11:3 and also Romans 8:11.

 “And shall make him of quick understanding in the fear of the Lord: and he shall not judge after the sight of his eyes, neither reprove after the hearing of his ears: (KJV).”

 The purpose for and result of this quickening is to bring understanding of the reverential fear of the Lord, the total and unqualified awe of God that brings pleasure to the Father. This deep place of fellowship that I refer to brings such an awe because it is anchored in deep love, gratitude, and adoration. The depth of this revelation is amazing as you study it out in the Hebrew; this quickening is from the Lord, and it brings understanding in the fear of the Lord. Verses 4-5 then go on to describe the results of this quickening that brings understanding in the fear of the Lord; that is, what it looks like for a believer to actually function out of this place of discernment by the Spirit of the Lord.

 “But with righteousness shall he judge the poor, and reprove with equity for the meek of the earth: and he shall smite the earth: with the rod of his mouth, and with the breath of his lips shall he slay the wicked. And righteousness shall be the girdle of his loins, and faithfulness the girdle of his reins.”

 Jesus showed us how to live out these verses by moving in tune with the Father, such that Christ knew what the Father was doing and what He was saying.  (John 5:17; John 5:19; John 5:30)

 Yes, the Lord is bringing forth a powerful quickening by the Spirit of the Lord. There will be great delight in the fear of the Lord. The awe of God is a work of the Spirit, established and set in by the Word and the Anointing.

 Some say that this fear of God… this awe… is respect, but it is far deeper and grander than simply what we mean by the word “respect,” my friends. We can respect a governmental or ministry office, or we can respect someone that we have never met, but, no, this fear of the Lord, this AWE, comes out of knowing the Lord, out of encountering the Lord, out of having revelation knowledge of the Lord established in us from the Word. Yes, we are in a great time of stirring and of quickening from the Lord.

 These times of stirring and of quickening have come upon us in these days as a result of intercession and of the cries of the saints, petitions and pleas for God to move and for His saints to know the ways and the plans of the Lord. He wants to reveal His plans to His people on the earth, and He also wants to reveal His secrets that form His plans for years to come and for many generations. (Psalm 33:11; Isaiah 58:12; Daniel 2:20-23)

 In Psalm 25:14, the “secret” of the Lord is with those who fear Him, and He will show them His covenant. 

 This is a time of Greater Glory, Greater Power, and Deeper Unveiling of the mystery of the Word. The Lord has coupled revelation and revival to bring about an establishing of wells of life in regions all through this nation. 

 At the same time, the current wells that are already established will be taken even deeper, which will cause what flows out of those wells to broaden and to have even greater impact to the thirsty souls of cities and regions.

 He is also re-opening wells of old that were established by Him in the past, but that the enemy has since been successful in plugging. “Watchers” were assigned over these wells until the time of the New Release (Isaiah 49:8), and this is now the time of the re-digging of specific wells that will begin to flow again along with new wells that God will be establishing and digging in the coming days.

 The stirring of these waters will also bring about an incredible breakout of signs, wonders, and miracles..

 But, the difference will be that while there will be great celebration of the manifestation of the Glory, the hearts of the people will not be turned aside to be fascinated by anything or anyone but the Lord of the Breakthrough Himself.

 The eternal realm of the Glory (God Himself) will be what is emphasized by the carriers of the Presence for Breakthrough. They will see salvations and see backsliders and lukewarm Christians turning their hearts again to the Lord.

 As the Lord “Breakthroughs” with the movement that comes from the Word and the Spirit, an atmosphere will be created not only for refreshing, reinvigorating, and replenishing, but also for fresh revelation and illumination from the Word that will be life-changing and life-forming!

 These results of the Breaker breaking through and changing the whole atmosphere spiritually will in turn bring freedom from limitations that have held back many people, some for many years, and as this anointing brings such freedom, thousands will stand up on their feet established in identity and confirmed in purpose - because impartation should always bring establishment in destiny and favor to confirm it… This refreshing has the potential to break out into revival wherever it begins to flow forth…

 Oh, my friends, I have so much more to share with you. My heart is burning with a fresh anointing of the Zeal of the Lord. 

 The Lord is a wise master builder. He moves in His own particular ways to build and to form specifically for the purpose of establishing certain truths or a certain anointing, but at the same time He is building on a grand scale into the fullness of His plan and destiny. (Proverbs 24:3-4; Philippians 1:6; Hebrews 13:20)

 Yes, my friends, Rejoice in the Lord. I say, Rejoice in the Lord!

 Abundant Love and Blessings,

 Keith & Janet