Keith & Janet


The weighty Shekinah glory!

Ministry Report

For four days, the Holy Spirit moved mightily in an awesome miracle flow. The greatest of greatest of all miracles during our time together were the salvations! What a miracle it is to be born again!

The Lord’s grace for ministry impartation was incredible. Time again, the platform area filled with ministry and church leaders passionately pursuing God and a greater release of His presence for effectual working of His great power in and through their lives and ministries, for His glory! Whoosh, the weighty Shekinah glory would fall and rest upon them and down they’d go, right into the river of His anointing—saturated by His precious presence. There was a call also  for those who desired to be used as evangelists for the glory of the King! Many responded wanting to see multiplication in soul-winning with a fresh anointing for harvest.

On Saturday evening, the altar filled with hungry people. Keith ministered to each one with the laying on of hands. It was such a powerful time with testimonies of healings manifesting as well. Suddenly, he stopped, raised his arms in the air, and said, “I feel His wonderful, holy presence in this place. Let us stop right here and give Him all the glory. We must give the Lord honour and praise Him!” Soon, everyone in the building felt the unction just to worship the Lord in this way, and voices rose to glorify the King.
We Entered Into the “Awe” Realm!
The atmosphere of the presence of the Lord was already wonderful—it could not get any better, or so we thought, but man, were we in for a surprise! It was as though, through our praises, that we had ushered in a deeper, weightier glory of His presence—as though we had entered into the holy realm of God. Surely, it was the “awe” realm. We were so aware of His majestic splendour. The glory filled the place—we all wept, worshiped, and thanked the Father for all He was doing. “Hallelujah,” everyone sang, in a spontaneous burst of love and adoration. Just as suddenly as the worship started, the room went quiet. Deep called unto deep in an atmosphere of holiness and peace as the tangible manifest presence of the Lord literally filled the sanctuary. People later reported how they had felt it happen the moment it happened.
It is Happening More and More!
As a ministry, we have been experiencing this new level, this new weightiness of the presence of the Holy Spirit at more and more gatherings. They are holy moments. Oh so holy moments! So precious! How often we have felt compelled just to worship Him for Who He is and for all He has done and is doing. At a recent service in Dallas, Keith invited everyone who felt the Lord had healed them up to the front. So many responded, we could not take all of the testimonies. Right there, we lifted our hands and voices to the Lord in spontaneous worship, His presence such that all we could do was glorify Him and honour Him. What an experience to be in such an electrified atmosphere of awe and honour, and the holiness of His Wonderful Presence.
In that atmosphere of holiness, many surrendered their lives to Christ Jesus. Keith described the atmosphere as “an overwhelming feeling that God the Father was pleased.” He said, “It feels like something so deep in you, that you know you will never be the same. It is a place of the greatest joy—this knowing in your heart that the Lord is pleased.
 I cannot think of a better way to close this report than to glorify God some more! He moved in such a powerful way—nothing was too small or too great for Him! Sunday morning saw a great release of faith, particularly at the end of the service during the healing line time of prayer. No one wanted to leave as the Holy Spirit gave Keith several detailed words of knowledge. Many experienced miraculous healing. A father and mother brought their daughter up for prayer. This young woman had been deaf and mute since birth. As Keith laid hands on her, she went out under the power of God. A while later, when she got back onto her feet, Keith checked to see if she had gained any hearing. The girl shook her head “no.” He placed his hands, then, over both of her ears and prayed, “Father, thank You for healing her precious ears, that Your Son would get the glory.” The girl shook as the power of God hit her. Again, Keith tested her hearing—still no healing. No change. Not until, that is, Keith snapped his finger by her right ear. Suddenly, a look of surprise came on her face and she started nodding, “yes!” She could hear that! For the first time ever in her life, she could hear. Her mother collapsed with joy as she shouted, wept, and thanked Jesus for what He had done for her precious daughter.
 What a great time it is in the Lord. This is harvest time! It is all happening because of the One who is able to commission and empower us for harvest. We are seeing people saved, prodigals returning, God’s people being set free and cleaned up by the power of the Atonement. He is sending forth a harvester anointing for the harvest of Kingdom fruit in ministry to the King, for a harvest of dreams, visions, and prophetic words, for a harvest of our inheritances, for mantles that have lain dormant.
 This is that time. He is even redeeming the time. This is the time to see the gathering come. It is the time to see the fruition of all that He has promised us. Be richly blessed today, in the name of Jesus! On behalf of all of us here at Stand Firm, we pray for the favour of the King to be upon you and your household all of your days. We pray that the Holy Spirit would release a fresh anointing upon you, and flow out of you as rivers. All so that the fame and the report of Jesus would go out and be shed abroad, so that wherever you are, you will glorify, praise, and lift up His name.