Keith & Janet


Stand Firm World Ministries Special Field Report

The Spirit of Revival Hits Texas Ablaze Conference in Houston

The thrust was to see the power of God move in a great and mighty way for the release of revival. There was no agenda, except to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit with a heart for building on the new wave of revival God is releasing in the state of Texas and throughout the nation. Wow-Holy Spirit exploded on the scene from the opening moments of the Houston Texas Ablaze Signs, Wonders, and Miracles Conference, to the closing ones four days later. Hundreds and hundreds of souls were healed, set free, transformed, delivered, imparted to, financially and spiritually blessed, commissioned, and totally impacted anew for Jesus as a wave of anointing for revival immediately broke out. People pressed in for God's presence as soon as they arrived, yearning mostly to hear God's voice, sense His presence, empty themselves to become vessels that would carry the spirit of revival home with them.

This conference had the highest number of pre-registrations ever. The venue at the Houston Civic Center filled to capacity with more seating brought in to accommodate the crowds that gathered in the evening services. There were people from all over Texas and many states, and from as far away in Canada as Vancouver Island , and from several other nations. The crowd also comprised many pastors, ministry and mission leaders and workers, youth, students, mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, people young and old, but everyone young and fiery in the spirit! This was the start of revival-because revival starts with people!
"Normal" Fled in Light of the Supernatural Presence of God
Joy and expectation flooded the atmosphere the first night (Wednesday) as Keith opened the conference, with worship leader/recording artist Kevin Prosch welcoming God's presence, inviting Him also to release His ministering angels. Just as the 120 New Testament awaiting saints set themselves apart for Holy Spirit visitation and outpouring, worshippers rushed forward to help usher in the presence of His Fire! With passionate abandon, they became "uncapped" worship vessels releasing the fragrant lubricating oil of the Holy Spirit and the cloud of His presence. From that moment forward, "normal" fled as believers gave their all for the supernatural finger of God, their worship rending the heavens to see heaven invade earth and break open the Spirit of Revival.
"Do you not say, 'There are yet four months, and then comes the harvest? Behold, I say to you lift your eyes, and look on the fields, that they are white with harvest.'"  (John 4:35 NASV)
Undone and Uncapped!
The cloud of His mighty presence enveloped the room, the Shekinah glory, and the presence of angels apparent. Holy Spirit took us under siege, and delegates experienced holy trembling as the fiery current of the entrance of His Holy Presence blew in and settled over the expectant crowd. Day after day and night after night, hundreds were visibly moved upon by the Spirit; dancing, trembling, shouting out to the Lord, decreeing, falling out by God's power, displaying exuberant delight as His presence rushed in and uncorked expectant joy diffusing the perfume of the knowledge and revelation of the Lord and of our rich heritage in Him. His fragrance permeated every square inch of the room, and entered into the deepest depths of the hearts of His people.
Appropriation of the Treasures of the Deep unto Deep
Throughout the four-day conference, the Lord released rich deposits of His word through Keith Miller and his guest speakers, Heidi Baker, Bill Johnson, Patricia King, and our worship team Kevin Prosch, Steve Mitchell and Justin Miller, releasing double portions of the anointing, impartation, favor, demonstration of His power and a fresh clothing of the cloud of His presence. Believers were encouraged to extract the nutrients of the promises of every generation, and wells were dug and re-dug releasing a wave of new and old anointings and mantels for harvest. There were hundreds of healings, barrels of oil released, a corporate commissioning anointing, signs, wonders, miracles, angelic presence, overflow of the Spirit of Generosity, incredible unity, convergence of the anointing-rivers of oil and favor, and so much more.
Barrels of Oil Released!
The Lord released gallons of oil through Heidi Baker, (Shabba!) as she encouraged us not to shrink back from fear, but to "run forward in LOVE"! She said that we were to "believe to be His hands extended" His heart, His feet, His mind, His love, and that it's only when we think in the natural realm, that we shrink back. However, if we live in the spirit realm-the realm of His presence; we run right into the heart of God-fearless-fruitful, as the conquerors that we are in Christ Jesus. She also encouraged us not to fear for our lives because we've already given our life away! Heidi compelled us by her own example, to learn to have fun watching what God does as "you give your life away and watch the King of all kings rides into the nation!" She said that God wants to fill us with "so much love" that we are "fearless," so much love that [we] never have fear inside of us again, that [we] may look into the face of darkness and laugh!" Later, she said, "Joy to live is Christ, to die is gain," and that we are all predestined for fruitfulness-fruitfulness possible through intimacy, because "the closer you are to God-the more fruit-it's not even a huge effort!"
"Fill Your Hearts with the Activity of God"
Bill Johnson reminded us, "that to rule effectively, we have to go lower, and to serve effectively, we have to go higher." He also taught about co-laboring with God for cultural transformation, to break out the reality of His world to this one. He said that our internal reality will become our external reality"that our shadows will always release something that overshadows us. Where our heart is anchored is what we release, so that if we're filled with anxiety or unbelief, for instance, "we create that atmosphere." We carry in essence, our "own weather system," according to Johnson, "good or bad," and that "leaders without passion cost everyone who follows." He explained that often our theology is built around the inactivity of God rather than the activity of God and asked us to examine our own hearts to see what it was filled with.
God makes Himself vulnerable to the desires of His people, for our sake, and God indeed made Himself vulnerable to our heart cry for revival, releasing rivers of the oil of His favor upon believers for harvest. Bill reminded us that every occupation is a ministry, and every believer is a priest-a minister of the Lord. He told us to contend for the restoration of creativity in the church, because it releases creative miracles.
Hundreds of Healings!
The healings and God's creative miracles, not only in the room, but also through the portals of cell phone calls to loved ones! Words of knowledge came forth for healing. Cancer . . . gone! Metal plates in limbs . . . no more! Heart problems . . . healed, broken hearts . . . transformed, deaf ears hearing . . . miracle testimonies abound! At the start of the meeting, Keith called out and asked how many had pain how many needed healing. By the last meeting, Keith asked how many still had pain, how many felt they still needed a healing touch from the Lord and only a few of the original 80% raised their hands and they were encouraged again. Keith also invited everyone to bring something up to the platform as a point of contact for healing, to take back to his or her loved ones, and he prayed over the mountain of these points of contact (napkins, handkerchiefs, even personal items,) releasing faith for healing for loved ones. Bill Johnson prayed for the destruction of hindrances that hindered breakthroughthe Lord did deep heart work in many.
Spirit of Generosity Overflows
Heidi prayed over those with a heart and feeling called to the poor, releasing many into the mercy and mission fields both abroad and at home. We glimpsed what it's like to taste of the cup of suffering and experience the oil of God's inexpressible joy knowing that we dwell in the shelter of the Most High God. She imparted what it meant to be covered in His wings of love, and encouraged us to open our hearts to Him and make Him our dwelling place. Through her, the Lord opened our eyes to see the pain and hear the cry of the desperate, resolving to seek out the poor of heart, poor of spirit, poor in body. It was a privilege to drink of His cup of Joy and become His hands extended into her ministry as God released an instant spirit of generosity with delegates and Stand Firm sowing thousands for the children, and key mantles for the impoverished falling upon many.
We learned to be fearless, bold, expectant, unsatisfied, seeking, and joyful to see His kingdom come "to see miracles to learn how to love to be alive" to love the release of God's kingdom on earth as it is in heaven! In us, the Lord created desire to go higher-to be consumed with the Holy Fire of His Presence "to ignite a world" to set it ablaze with the fiery jealous passion of His love, for His fire to burn for all to gaze upon. He captured us with high callings that had all of us falling at His feet-dying to ourselves and then set ablaze with the Holy Fire of the Ancient of Days!
It's all Beyond the Reach of a Human Hand!
The move of God a few months ago in Dallas , and then the release of signs, wonders, and miracles for power harvest that we saw here in Houston , is beyond the reach of a human hand! It was worship in motion, ceaseless praise, hearts openly devoted to the Holy notion of the Holy One who became vulnerable for us. God shattered our "I's" and filled us with the Great "I Am."
Heidi Baker told us to be ready here in Texas for new gushes of oil-Oil! Oil! Oil! New wells-old wells-gushing fresh oil for revival!
Revival Fueled!
The hunger at this conference was desperate enough to fuel revival as multitudes yielded their very breath to Him. He revived us, gave us new plans and new desires, and poured Himself into us so that we could pour Him into others. Any one who knows someone who attended this conference will see and know that they have been in the presence of Jesus, and they'll want what these delegates most certainly have; the abiding presence and Joy of Jesus, the power and glory of the Father in their lives and hearts for eternity. What better task in this life than to proclaim our love to Him, by taking His glory to earth's far reaches.