"Breakthrough in the Glory that Brings Divine Acceleration"
As the Spirit of the Lord moves in your life, you will awaken to possibility so incredible as He reveals His very best for you. Yes, this is that day, and now is the time to awaken to the Glory of the Lord upon you. As the rays of His Glory break forth in new ways for you He will also awaken your heart to His divine plan and resources for you. Get ready for the Joy that will bring fresh expectation and greater levels of the zeal of the Lord deep within!  "Glory Breakthrough"
Breakthrough in the glory brings more profound experiences of the love of Christ. Out of that love flows deeper understanding of the knowledge and wisdom of the Lord. That love produces an establishing in the heart that creates deep trust, joy, peace, and confidence. Every obstacle of fear and personal limitation is broken through.
In this atmosphere of breakthrough glory, we also see liberty—a liberty that brings transformation; liberty that brings true freedom. It frees us to know and be who we are as sons and daughters of the Lord. His liberty frees us to be whom He has created us to be.This brings about the revelation of our identity and the freedom to do what He has called us to do!
Revelation knowledge always exists in breakthrough glory. As the atmosphere is flooded with God's presence, divine inspiration is released. People always experience downloads of revelation in glory breakthrough.
Revelation knowledge releases wisdom downloads, and wisdom downloads with understanding will be valuable in the coming days. We must begin to live, build, plan, and advance by His wisdom and knowledge. Thankfully, in the atmosphere of breakthrough glory, the counsel of the Lord is released. People begin to see clearly and hear profoundly. Confusion and uncertainty are broken. The intent of the heart of the Father is released.  
Revelation is progressive. In this type of atmosphere, the counsel of the Lord is revealed. His counsel stands firm forever. The Lord promises to release the counsel of the Lord to every generation that seeks Him.
In the atmosphere of the glory breakthrough, the might of the Spirit of the Lord is also released. People are refreshed, renewed, replenished, and refocused. Weeks, months, and even years of weariness are replaced with freshness in the Lord. 
In the atmosphere of the might of God, He will give you the strength and power to see the dreams He has placed in your heart happen. It is like Paul says in Philippians 4:13: "I can do all things [which He has called me to do] through Him who strengthens and empowers me [to fulfill His purpose—I am self-sufficient in Christ's sufficiency; I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him who infuses me with inner strength and confident peace]" (AMP).
I want to personally invite you to join us for this powerful life changing and life accelerating Event!  Come with high expectation in the Lord for Glory Breakthrough in every area of your life! 
Get Ready to move forward taking New Ground of your Destiny.
Get Ready to see the enlargement of your Sphere of Influence.
Get Ready for New Levels of Favor that brings Divine Promotion.


New Life Church
10800 Hammerly Blvd,
Houston, TX 77043




Sheraton Houston West Hotel
11191 Clay Rd,
Houston, TX 77041
To get Discounted price of $85.00 ask for Stand Firm World Ministries (Keith Miller) Discount

Texas Ablaze Houston Texas 2019

This is a free event
Registration is required for this event! There is no registration fee.
The sessions will be rich teaching and ample ministry. We will pray for all registrants for impartation.
For Questions: Please call 806-468-7179
Children are welcome BUT there are NO childcare facilities or workers provided. Parents are asked to please keep children under close supervision at all times. Please note this!

*Speakers and Schedule are subject to change without notice!
*Use of recording equipment of any kind during the conference sessions is strictly prohibited without the express written permission of Stand Firm World Ministries

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Register By Mail:
PO Box 51971
Amarillo, Texas 79159

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